Two Cents

I kid you not, this was my train of thought last night before I went to bed:

“I have a lot of books. I wonder how much money I could make if I decided to sell some. How much would I charge? What about one cent per page. 200 page book goes for $2. 450 page book for $4.50. I suppose that would make a two-page book worth two cents. Hmm…’Put in your two cents.’ If I could write a two page story, putting in my ‘two-cents’, what would I write?”

My challenge to you: What would YOU write? If you could write a two page story for others to read, your two-cents, what would you say? Would it be fiction or non-fiction? Would it inspire people? Would it be something you wish everyone was aware of? What would you say? What’s your “two cents”?

Try it out. Open up a blank Word document. Title it “Two Cents” and start writing. What can you come up with?



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