What If?

Before the release of my book, many doubts clouded my mind:

What if I disappoint my readers?
What if people don’t agree with me?
What if people don’t like me after this?
What if people don’t respect me for self-publishing it?
What if my book draws someone further away from God and/or the Catholic faith?

It’s one thing to write fiction. Readers go on an adventure in a novel and at the end they either like it or they don’t. Generally there are no major issues. However, if you write a book about religion, suddenly everyone has something to say.

I was admittedly scared to make this book public.

I’m generally non-confrontational and I didn’t want to have to answer to angry e-mails and tense Facebook messages from people who disagreed with certain statements I made or who overall discouraged the premise of the book all together.

I almost didn’t want to make it public because I was so afraid that I would disappoint my readers or I’d lead someone further away from the Catholic Church or I’d have to face a line of people clutching their Bibles, ready to point out my mistakes.

Then I thought more about it.

If I wanted to write a book that everybody would like and that everyone would agree with, it would not be a book worth writing. Seriously. What would be the point in writing something you could easily find in an issue of Cosmopolitan or hear about on the news or were already comfortable with?

I don’t think this book is a simple leisure read. I think this book may present a sort of challenge to some readers. And I think that’s the point.

I will never write a book that every single person will agree with or like. It simply is not possible. Everyone has their own unique experiences and beliefs that cause them to either like/dislike, agree/disagree with certain parts of the book. So with that in mind, I might as well write about what I believe to be true and accept the fact that not everyone will agree.

I had to stop asking the negative what-if’s and instead realize the positive what-if’s. “What if something I say does draw someone closer to God?” “What if something I say does draw someone back to the fullness of the Catholic Church?” “What if something I say I does set someone’s heart on fire to go out and share the faith with others?”

So I will make the book public. And I will receive comments from people who disagree. And I myself will be challenged. But if I make a positive impact on at least one person, it will not all have been for nothing.



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