Why I Blog (And Why You Should Too)

I began sharing my blog posts with the public on November 9, 2009. Since then, my site containing a collection of 46 posts has been visited nearly 3,000 times. Posting these stories is something I’ve learned to love and something I see myself continuing to do in the future. However, I have a lot of people ask me “Why?” “Why do you blog?” “What is the point?”

I’ll admit, at times I also wonder why it is that I blog. It’s discouraging when I post something, but the website shows that no one had viewed the post after it had been up for twelve hours. It’s discouraging when someone mentions “You know the only people who read your blog is your mom and girlfriend, right?” So why do I keep doing this? Why do I keep sharing these stories and lessons that I’m learning and making it public through my WordPress blog? I had to take a step back and think about this one for quite a while. Eventually, I realized what motivates me to blog and I figured out why you should give it a try, too.

First off, I feel like blogging benefits myself. One of the things I’ve noticed about my blog is that the posts I’ve been writing lately are much more developed in their content and lacking the grammatical errors that were evident in some of my earlier posts. I can look back and see just how far I’ve come as a writer and how my mindset on certain things has been changing. I feel like hearing what people have had to say about the things I’ve posted has developed my writing skills to the point where I can now write posts that are much more meaningful and relatively free of grammatical errors. Another way blogging has benefited me is it has helped me see the world in a fresh perspective. Oftentimes, my posts deal with lessons I’ve learned and things I’ve noticed about this world. Because of this, I’m constantly looking for things in this universe that I think deserve attention. Having a blog that I know people will read motivates me to find things in life that I feel need to be shared with the world.

Second, I feel like my readers benefit from the things I post. Some people may think that posts about my time on Mission Trips or my first time hunting are strictly me trying to be in the spotlight, begging for attention. I hope this is not the message I have conveyed to my readers. To an extent, everyone appreciates attention and positive praise for their work. But the purpose of my blog is not to be selfish and post about me me me, rather it is to hopefully spark some sort of inspiration in my readers.

A prime example of this came when I posted a blog titled “From Turtle to Rabbit” back in 2010. https://kevinwojo.wordpress.com/2010/07/24/from-turtle-to-rabbit/ . I wrote about my time spent building a wheelchair ramp for an old man while I was on a Mission Trip. The purpose of the blog was not to gloat about how good of a person I am, but to share the story of Don and inspire my readers to go out and do something to help someone. When Don passed away a few months later, I re-posted the blog so people could get a glimpse at the kind of heart that Don had. It was a beautiful coincidence that a daughter of Don somehow managed to find that post and commented on it:

“Kevin, your story is amazing. I am Don’s daughter, and you hit the nail on the head in this blog. Not only did you improve his activities of daily living, but you brought so much joy to him. You talked to him for the person he was inside and not the person who’s body had failed him. You … really did change the lives of many for the good. Not only for my dad, but also, my mom who didn’t have to struggle to get him down those steps, myself, siblings, and grandchildren because we always worried about a fall, and the work you did took those worries away.”

Can you imagine what it felt like to read that? That’s what motivates me to keep blogging. Not for my own feeling of accomplishment or to build up my feelings of self-worth, but in hopes that people reading these posts and comments will be inspired to live the life of love that I try to live every day. It’s so much more than just “Oh look at me and all the stuff I do.” I’m trying to spread the faith, hope, and love I receive from our God to others in the best way I’ve been able to find so far.

Finally, I want to encourage you to try blogging. That’s right, I’m talking to you. You may be saying to yourself, “I’m no writer. Besides, no one cares about what I have to say.” I can almost guarantee that if you were to start blogging, at least one of your posts would make some sort of positive impact on at least one of your readers. Even if you don’t think it’s something very important, there are people out there who want to hear about what you have to say. If you want to start off small, start writing privately. Don’t post anything right off the bat; just write little entries on your computer about things that strike you throughout the day or little questions that pop into your head. You’ll eventually have a document filled with interesting things and can then choose whether or not to share a few of those things with the world. I feel like if you were to do so, you’d find that it would benefit both yourself and at least a few of your readers. You never know until you try.

Thanks again for sticking with me and reading my posts. God bless all of you.


7 thoughts on “Why I Blog (And Why You Should Too)

      • Well it wasn’t an insight, it was a story 🙂 But hey. I’ll take a compliment where I can get one! Thanks Kevin. And I really liked your post, good for you.

  1. you know, ive tried to blog, and i actually loved writing about what i was writing about. But I ran into two problems.
    First, because of two jobs, I began to run out of time to keep up with the blog.
    Secondly, NO ONE and i mean, absolutely nobody was commenting on my blogposts, and i got really discouraged.
    What do you think I should do gain an audience for my blog? Did you just go around telling people to check out your blog?

    • These are both very common issues I face as well. For the first one, Making time is a difficult but necessary part of blogging. Perhaps writing instead of watching tv or surfing the web will become a routine bed-time activity. If you truly love what you’re writing about, you’ll find a way to make time.
      Second, gaining an audience is tough. From my experience, you have to know people and establish connections with people as a person first, then as a writer. Meeting new people through different experiences gets people interested in me as a person. Once they know me, they’ll be eager to see what I have to write. Even then, not many people will take time to comment except people who can really relate to what you have to say in a given post.
      Don’t get discouraged, I’d love to read some of your stuff sometime.

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