Sneaky Little Bastard

After seeing “The Asia Project” perform poetry readings the other night, my passion for poetry was revitalized. Here is a poem I wrote last night:

“It is in the complete silence that I hear you the loudest.

I lift my comforter over my head to block you out, but that’s as effective as using a paper towel for a shield in a sword fight.

You seep into my mind as I try to rest my weary head.

Once you enter, lacking the respect to even wipe off your dirty shoes on the WECLOME mat of my mind, you begin to control me.

Like food coloring being squeezed into a glass of water, you diffuse endlessly until you consume every part of me.

I despise you.

And yet, every day, I seek you.

If I look for you, I cannot find you.

Sneaky Little Bastard.

It is in the complete silence that I hear you the loudest.

My muscles resist you as you order them to move.

They try to anchor my body to my bed, but you take my heart to places I would have otherwise never discovered.

Alas, I give in.

I remove the comforter from my head, crawl out of my deep slumber, and reach my workshop.

The drawers open up to reveal your one and only path to the outside world: a pen and paper.

Like a blood drive, the paper injects me, drawing out the intangibles of my mind and uses the pen to translate it all into words.

Meanwhile, you sit back with your legs crossed as I carefully scribble the very ideas that you planted into my brain.

You Sneaky Little Bastard.

You wait until the world around me falls asleep and I decide to go down with it.

This is when you seize the opportunity to tighten the bolts of my creativity with your wrench of inspiration.

I have no choice but to share you with the world.

You Sneaky Little Bastard- it is in the complete silence that I hear you the loudest.”


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