Hey everybody. It’s been a while, but here is another piece of my writing for you all. It’ short, but pretty powerful. Hope you enjoy it.


Have you ever just looked at a blank piece of lined paper? Of course you’ve seen one before, but have you actually stared at it? Thought about it?

Do you realize the amount of potential pieces of writing that can be put together on these blank pieces of paper? It’s infinite. We have 26 letters in our alphabet. Using a combination of these letters, we can write an award-winning song. On this blank piece of loose-leaf paper, we can start to write a best-selling novel. We can express who we are on this blank piece of paper. We can write anything.

Look at the piece of paper. Just look at it. Imagine all the things you could write on it.

In the words of Mother Teresa, we are the pencils in the hands of a writing God-spreading love to all of the world.

Look at that blank piece of paper. It is your life. God gave you that blank piece of paper to write whatever you want for your life story. You have the free-will. You can use it to write the most beautiful song the world has ever heard. You can use it to write blackmail and strike fear into other individuals. The pencil is in your hands.

And it’s bigger than that! The blank piece of paper is the world. God is looking down at that big piece of paper, a combination of all of our individual papers. He is watching a story being written. He knows how it ends, but He watches as we figure it out for ourselves. Our story is not perfect. There are downfalls in the plot. Characters are flawed and make mistakes. Yet others are clued in on the theme. They’ve picked up on the fact that the underlining theme of this story is love. With His help and their help, the people who used to just scribble on their page are now writing beautiful works of art. Some have realized they can use their erasers to start blank again. A blank piece of paper with an infinite amount of possibilities for themselves.

Look at that blank piece of paper.

Look at all that potential.

You are the pencil in the hand of a writing God.

Spread love to all of the world.


4 thoughts on “Blank

  1. You’re right when you said it’s short but powerful. The length of a text has nothing to do with it’s depth, you prove that for sure here. I’m loving the idea of writing (my) own story, and I think it’s awesome that you wrote about it. Second to last line is my favorite, which is really saying something because I thought all of it was pretty darn awesome. Nice work out of you Kevin.

  2. I always marvel at pens and pencils. But people laugh when I call them magic wands. They can do so many things. Like paper, they have so much potential. I love this post Kevin. It’s fantastic.

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