Moving On

You may remember my post from last year entitled “Ladybugs” found here,

That post, as well as this post, is where I show you guys a speech I make at Subiaco. Subiaco is a retreat that our church’s Youth Group goes to and on the last night, we give a speech about how we’re feeling and what we’re thinking. The following is this year’s speech:

“I’d like to open with an analogy I made Freshman year to describe this place. I said it was like a shower, ‘Before we come to this place, we feel so dirty and under pressure from society and we just feel so overwhelmed. Then we step into the shower and it’s warm. It cleans us, It makes us feel pure. And of course, we all know the feeling we get when it’s time to leave the shower; we’re so used to the warm water for that short amount of time and we realize we don’t want to leave and enter the cold world that awaits us outside. This is how we feel on the last day of Subiaco; we don’t want to leave, but we must move on.’

This was from a Freshman perspective so when I said we had to leave, I meant we had to go back into the real world for a year then we got a chance to come back. But this is my Senior year, so, metaphorically speaking, this is the last shower I will ever take.

I think back to our first night here this year when we listened to the song ‘The House That Built Me’ by Miranda Lambert. The girl in the song was reflectingย on her time she spent growing up in her house and describing the memories she had of the place. I felt like this is what happened to me this year. I know I made a few good memories, but I spent most of my time here this year recollecting the memories I’ve made the past three years and remembering the stories behind certain objects or rooms.

So that’s why I want you lowerclassmen to really take a chance and make the most of your time here. Because you’ll want to get to the point where I’m at as a Senior and you’ll want to be able to look back and recall all the good times you had and be proud of the memories you’ve made.”


14 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. You’re on the right track, Kevin. Continue pursuing those kinds of quiet spaces all of your life. Make it a regular habit to get away and listen to your own soul — because that’s where God is! I’m proud of the person you are.

  2. I recall similar feelings/thoughts on my last year at Subiaco. It’s a great experience but it’s hard not to feel sad recalling all the previous experiences (with those whom are no longer there to share them with you).

  3. What you have experienced will remain with you for a lifetime. God is always there for you, whether you are at Subiaco or at school or just hanging out in your room – you can count on HIM! ๐Ÿ™‚ (and me… :0) I’m so very proud of you.

  4. During Saturday afternoon at Subiaco, when I was walking around the lake during a break, I was thinking about your “Ladybugs” speech from last year. After lights out during that last night, I spent over half an hour lying in my bed thinking about your speech. When I came home yesterday afternoon, I spent the entire ride home thinking about it- just to let you know. ๐Ÿ™‚
    That was a fantastic speech. The shower metaphor wa a wonderful way to describe how you felt. I got what it meant entirely, and the feelings behind it. It was beautifully written. I bet that when I walk out of those doors for my last time in two years, this “refreshing” speech is what i’ll be remembering.

  5. great times. but this almost mad me cry again. but don’t worry. i pulled myself together! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for making the times there so memorable wojo. you and everyone else

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