First Post

Well, here is my first post for this blog. In English class, we were given the prompt “Compare yourself to a dessert.” My answer was as follows:

“I am the spoon for soft-served ice cream. No one can eat the ice cream without the spoon, so I provide a chance for people to have a good time. As they use the spoon, they enjoy the dessert, but they seem to appreciate the luscious ice cream more than the innocent spoon. When they finish their delicious dessert, they’re too satisfied to care about the spoon. They just throw it away and go about their day, more happy than before their scrumptious break in heaven. That makes me, the spoon, feel good that I could bring joy to people’s lives long enough for them to keep their mind off the depressing and woeful news that surround them in a troubled 21st century. As I sit in the trash can, I feel a little unappreciated, but I realize that I’ve done my job; which makes me proud that I fulfilled my purpose. There will always be ice cream and there will always be spoons in people’s lives. However, there are times in life when people feel like changing ice cream flavors. They’ll realize Vanilla ice cream made them fat or that Superman ice cream actually made them depressed. So they’ll constantly be trying new flavors, yet they’ll always have a spoon. And someday, when people run out of utensils, they’ll realize who had actually been there the whole time-the spoons. They’ll realize when they have a spouse and kids that they were extremely fortunate back in High School to have such a covenient piece of silverware. They’ll say, “Hey, whatever happened to that magnificent spoon?” And then they’ll start lining up, ready to show their appreciation. And when they do, I’ll be ready. So to save you some trouble, appreciate the spoons while you can. While your off exploring new flavors, don’t forget about the spoon that will always be there for you. Maybe after hanging out with the spoon, you’ll realize that the ice cream just isn’t want you hoped it would be. Maybe you’re ready for some yogurt, or some low-fat pudding. And the spoon can make it happen. Time is short friends. You must live with no regrets. Recognize the spoon today-for someday, you’ll look back on this and realize that this was all true. So either enjoy the spoon while you can, or regret it 10 years from now. What will it be?”



3 thoughts on “First Post

  1. I love this! It’s a healthy sign when you are able to take a metaphor and do so much with it. Many people couldn’t write more than a few sentences, but you were able to just let it fly and find all kinds of cool connections. That’s the sign of someone who thinks below the surface of life, and it bodes well for your future as a blogger!

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